Welcome to Sober Living!


Welcome to The Doorway to Recovery!

The Doorway to Recovery is a not for profit faith based, program with sober living homes in Michigan based in Farmington Hills, with multiple homes in Detroit, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford, and Westland

We offer a safe, structured, clean & sober living homes in Michigan and residential recovery program for men and women. All our homes are in safe neighborhoods and provide access to a structured recovery program designed as a path to Life Recovery for anyone in need.

The Doorway to Recovery (DTR) is committed to providing safe, sober, and affordable homes for men and women in addiction recovery. DTR’s home environments are sanitary, clean, decorated and furnished. We welcome all men and women currently working the addiction recovery process.

The Doorway to Recovery’s staff understands the types of physical and mental pressures that an individual has to go through to change their life in a positive manner. That is why a major part of our program focus is put into providing structured living, peer support, therapeutic counseling, work search and career skills, while promoting participation in the 12 steps of recovery.

By linking individuals with the recovery community and providing needed resources, our residents can walk the path that leads to freedom from alcohol and drugs, becoming the men and women that God intended in their lives.  Returning them back to their families and their communities, healthy, accountable, and productive.

Check out our Recovery Housing, Programs Offered, Testimonials, and Life Recovery Program. If you or someone you know are ready to get started in Life Recovery and enroll in The Doorway to Recovery Program and Services, please contact us at any time!

Check out the Events page to see what is happening this month at The Doorway to Recovery. Events are open to friends, families, and members of the community. For detailed information on upcoming events, call The Doorway to Recovery Offices at any time.


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Recover from drugs and alcohol, and from any struggles you are facing in your life. Recovery Groups starting soon. Click the photo to go to the LIFE RECOVERY site.