In Memory of Robert (Bob) Shepherd

Bob was a great guy and one of the most animated people you would ever meet.  His personality was very unique and outgoing and he was never afraid to share what was on his mind.  Bob came to Doorway to Recovery and while he was in our program it was great to be able to see him change and grow.  Bob immediately clicked with others who were in recovery around him and brought laughs to many people.

When we found out Bob had passed away, it brought the good memories of Bob to the front of all our staff’s minds….  When he came in, his no-frills attitude, his kind generous heart.  Bob was a great guy and will be missed.

All of the staff at Doorway to Recovery would like to thank Shannon Hiatt and Southwest Airlines for their generous donation in memory of Bob Shepherd.  These funds will be used for continuing DTR’s Life Recovery Program to be able to reach more people like Bob and help get them out of the grips of addiction.

Thank you again.

My First Open Talk – Forgiveness and Reconciliation

I gave my first Open Talk at Troy, Woodside Bible Church in front of a large group of people.  This talk was a testimony of my storms, with and without Christ.  It was very scary to say the least, as I looked out and saw faces that I thought were there to judge me.  I closed my eyes, I asked Christ to come into my heart; to give me the words I needed to say, and as always he did.  As I talked about my sin, and how through that sin I have caused a lot of hurt, I found it to be very healing.  I spoke of me and my participation, and my character defects.  Christ was working though me because out of my mouth came love and forgiveness, not anger and resentment.  This was so refreshing.

At the end of the talk, which was about 45 minutes (that’s a new one for me); people all gathered around me to pray and let me know how surprised they were that I didn’t play the victim role.  Two of those people in the crowd were therapists.  After breaking away into our men’s group, the two male therapists shared how angry and mad they were at for me for the things that they had read and heard; admitting that they have their faults and sins as well, and who are they to hold those resentments.  But because of Christ and his love, and teaching of forgiveness, they were able to look at me in a different way.  I am so grateful to my friends at Woodside Bible, Larry, Gail, Tony, Mark, for allowing me to come in and openly confess my hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  I love Christ; I love Celebrate Recovery, my love to all of you.

Blessings your way,


Mark Burchell.

Spring is in the air

And so is Recovery.  As the doors open and people are able to get out and about, change is happening.  That’s with weather, attitudes, family issues, personal issues; spring is a time for a restart, it’s a time for change.  During the months of May and June, we want to concentrate on our new changes; new smells, new relationships, new beginnings.  Spring is a very important time to start recovery fresh.  For some us, that means, if some of us have been in recovery, a fresh start.  For those who are new in recovery, a fresh start.  As we all know Recovery is a daily thing, not to be taken for granted.  God says to us, Rely on ME and I will show you the way.  Jesus says “Only through Me can you get the healing that you need.”  John 3:30.  He is above, I am below.

We are happy to announce the New Women’s Program at Doorway to Recovery.  As we move forward at Doorway to Recovery, we are happy for our new staff members, Angela Spino, Diana D., Grateful Gail… strong women in recovery heading this much needed Women’s Recovery Program.  Women in Recovery ran by women, and organized by women.

As the next 30 days move on, we will have a Licensed Medical Social Worker (female) at the Helm to guide women and men in their walk in recovery.  Many blessings, love, and thanks to all of you out there that have stuck with us through our hard times and through our growing times.  God’s blessings to all of you,
Mark Burchell

Woodside Men’s Retreat

This past weekend, some of the Men from The Doorway to Recovery took a trip to Timber Wolf Lake for Woodside Bible Church’s Men’s Retreat. The annual Woodside Men’s Retreat was an amazing trip filled with great times and even better people. Check out some of the pictures below.

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Always looking for new bloggers…

Is there anybody out there looking to share their recovery experience with the world???  You could be DTR’s newest blogger!  Doorway to Recovery’s staff are always looking for new bloggers to share their personal experience, strength, and hope in the recovery process!  Blogging is easy… and you can do it too! Should you be interested in blogging for The Doorway to Recovery, please contact the main office at any time and we will get the ball rolling!!!  For more information, contact:

Ruben Carreri

Administrative Director


Day after Resurrection

Easter was a glorious day, it was the resurrection of our Christ Savior for the forgiveness of our sins.  Hallelujah!  I was asked to be in the choir at Woodside Bible in White Lake and I just want to say what a great and awesome experience it was, even though I am not a great singer.  Singing for the Lord took away all the doubts of my tenor voice… at least that’s what they called it when they stuck me way in the back.  It was truly a blessing to be up there.

Our Pastor, Brad Hucy, at Woodside White Lake gave a sermon that I believe, besides myself, touched a lot of people.  The bible and the resurrection are all truth and not made up.  Pastor Brad exposed to us that truth.  There were some people at the service, I’m sure, who were skeptical of this, but after hearing Pastor Brad talk, I think and believe that thought or feeling had changed.

We also got to see an artist do his thing called, “The Splat Experience”.  Those of you reading this should look it up and watch the video ( ).   It is really quite awesome.  The rest of the day was filled up with eating ham, green beans, walking the dog, spending time with my wife, Stephanie, watching movies, enjoying the lake opening up.  Most of all, it was a day to reflect that life is alive because of Christ, and that an old sinner like me can be forgiven, and so can you.

My final message is, Come to Christ, let Him embrace you; let Him show you that there is eternal life, that my brothers and sisters, is His gift.  Peace and happiness, and healthy living to you all.

Upcoming recovery events and yearly traditions at The Doorway to Recovery

Hello everybody!

Making the calendar for the upcoming months brings about excitement for warm weather, recovery events and yearly traditions taken part in by Doorway to Recovery clients.

Spiritual Meetings- An evening of prayers, healing, and recovery from the past.  These meetings take place in the outdoor seasons (spring, summer, and fall), and are welcome to anybody who is in recovery or who loves someone in recovery.

Red Wings Game- Doesn’t need much further explanation.  Clean/Sober fun at Joe Louis Arena.

Jamapalooza – One of Doorway to Recovery’s fundraising events featuring music, food, and a good time.  Jamapalooza events are donation based and all donations go to helping The Doorway to Recovery’s mission.

Spring Cleaning – Each year, DTR Homes are cleaned from top to bottom.  While this may seem like a daunting task, Spring Cleaning really helps to motivate clients in the homes, while providing life skills that last far beyond the reaches of our recovery homes…

Tiger’s Outings – Just like the Red Wing’s Game— no explanation needed.

Dawn Farm Trips – Dawn Farms has a wonderful educational series, featuring information on addiction and recovery.  Occasionally through the year we take the vans to Ypsilanti for these wonderful educational series.

Fun nights at the office- While every Monday, our regular Doorway to Recovery residential meeting meets, occasionally we are blessed to have guest speakers, open houses, theme nights, and lots of other fun stuff!  There is always fun stuff going on.

Canoe Trips – One of my most fondly remembered Doorway to Recovery trip was our Milford Canoe Trip.  Each summer, we have the opportunity to canoe down the river into Downtown Milford for a concert and food.  This event is incredibly fun, until you get home to feel the burn from the day of paddling.

The yearly Christmas Party- The Doorway to Recovery dinner, featuring fellowship around one of the most difficult times of the year for many alcoholics and addicts.  This truly changes many people’s perceptions of the word family, and brings a whole new meaning to it.

The Doorway to Recovery has all sorts of functions for all different seasons.  As The Doorway to Recovery continues to grow as an organization, we are always experiencing new, more fun events and functions.  With that being said, everybody enjoy your Tuesday… and why not every day above and beyond that!


A sad and joyful day

Today is a sad and joyful day, as if two can be in our hearts at once.

My friend and AA sponsor Dennis Skiyles has passed away at the vets hospital in San Antonio TX.

I will miss him so very much. He was a great father, husband, friend and AA Man. AA has lost one of its best.

He was there for me through all my troubles and never once judge me but would give it to straight about my behavior.

He would always say, “God loves you the way you are and so do I. You must ask Christ for your forgiveness and work to change.”

We saw each other for the last time some few months ago as I traveled to TX on some business, my friend drove from San Antonio to Dallas to see me and spend some time together. We had a blast. Tex Mex dinner at a place he knew,we talked I did another 5th step. He listened, and then we prayed and laughed at what an ass I was. We laughed at what an ass he was. He said, ” Mark, I love you brother.”

God loves you, AA needs you, DTR needs you and your family needs you. Go home and serve God, your family, and help those men in need as you have for the past 13 years.

We finished dinner with DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM  went back to our hotel.

The next morning we had a breakfast and headed to an AA meeting, because that’s what he does. It was a 65 year old AA Lead,

one of the Best I been at in years. My friend knew the right one to take me to.

We did our meeting and talked more. Soon it was time to part. That BIG smile lit up and he said  ” I love you Brother, God loves you. Lets meet up again soon.”

Something deep inside said this would be our last meeting as I watched him walk away and get into his car..

I said to myself, “thank you good for putting him in my life, give him safe passage home to his beloved Paula.”

I will miss him greatly, God has him now safe and sound  pain free. I can still see that beautiful smile that lit up a room when he entered.






The Doorway to Recovery was founded years ago, with one recovery home, The Cooley Home.  The home was founded on the product of one addict/alcoholic helping another to stay sober.  The principles of AA are based on one alcoholic helping another.  The principle of The Doorway to Recovery is still the same as it was founded… Having sober living homes where men help men, and women help women… Help with what, the non recovery person may ask…. To help on the spiritual journey that will bring about the recovery from “alcoholism”… A simple concept straight out of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Stories in the “Big Book” of A.A. were designed to give experience, strength, and hope to those who were unable to make it to a meeting.  Through God’s gifts, we are able to communicate with each other digitally, even to people on the other side of the world.  For example, on Facebook, you will find several groups dedicated to Recovery, and Sharing Online.  You also find many groups dedicated to providing inspirational messages for those who may be in need of hope.  The Doorway to Recovery is using social media to explore the options of Sober Living Homes in the suburban Detroit Area.

As the Intake Coordinator of The Doorway to Recovery, I often have the opportunity to speak with parents, loved ones, and friends of addicts/alcoholics who are searching for answers.  Many times they tell me that their child/spouse/friend is getting out of treatment and because of their past, has nowhere to go.  Some times I talk to rehab patients themselves who do not know what they are going to do, but they need to stay sober and they can’t do that at their old place of living.  The Doorway to Recovery offers a solution that fits all of these needs.  With our suburban sober living homes, our strong recovery program, and our peer support system, recovery is possible, and do-able!  Of the people I talk with, the biggest problem is finding the sober living homes in decent areas.  The Doorway to Recovery is one of the great solutions to that problem…  So now, we begin our campaign of using the world of social media to make our sober living homes findable to the world that is desperately seeking help.  Please pray for all those who are suffering addicts/alcoholics, that they may be able to find the solution, and the desire to use It to their advantages.  Thank you.


Ruben M. Carreri
Administrative Director and Intake Coordinator

Exciting Women’s Program Updates

We have exciting women’s program updates! The Doorway to Recovery is excited to have our wonderful Angela Spino as a Women’s Director of The Doorway to Recovery Program and Services. Ms. Spino is a strong recovery person, with expertise in the areas of recovery homes. She brings her experience, compassion, and hard working attitude to The Doorway to Recovery. She is an excellent addition to the team, and I personally, am looking forward to working with her. In addition to a wonderful woman’s director/coordinator, we are also looking at expanding our women’s program to the Farmington Hills, Livonia area. Please pray for more opportunities for men and women to find the strength to recover, and for the needed resources to be there for them. God bless everyone!

Ruben Carreri
Administrative Director
Ph: 248-987-2696