The Doorway To Recovery’s
Farmington House
19308/10 Farmington Rd
Livonia, MI 48152

Welcome to the Farmington House, Doorway to Recovery’s Premiere Men’s Sober Living Home in Livonia, Michigan.  It is located just a few miles from “Downtown Livonia”. The area offers a collection of restaurants, shops, fitness centers, and public services, all of which boast plenty of appeal.  In the immediate area around the home, you will find the Livonia Community Recreation Center, Joe’s Produce, Kroger, and many other fine establishments.

This sober living home has a warm and welcoming feel throughout.  Rooms at the Farmington House include shared rooms and single rooms. Included in the program/housing fees are:  Toilet paper, paper towel, household cleaning supplies, Wi-Fi, Cable TV, and a home phone.

In addition to the amenities of the Farmington House, all of Doorway to Recovery’s sober living homes are bound byThe Doorway to Recovery’s Program Rules and Housing Rules, which provide a structured, recovery focused environment.  The Life Recovery Program offers recovery programs to men and women (inclusive to the general public), where individuals are able to be rebuilt, restored and healed from the devastating effects of addiction.

The Doorway to Recovery’s Premiere Sober Living Program is always open to visitors.  For more information about signing up for Doorway to Recovery’s Sober Living Program, visit our Admissions page, or call our Main Office at any time.  Remember, The Doorway to Recovery is always open to you!

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