The Doorway to Recovery’s
Life Recovery Programs

​Life Recovery is a Faith-Based program that not only addresses Drug and Alcohol Recovery Activities, but through this highly successful program the individual is guided from the darkness and destruction of addiction to a new life, restored to God, family, and society. Free from the bondage of the addictive behaviors of the past. Highly trained, credentialed, professional staff work with Doorway to Recovery residents and the general public addressing the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social aspects of ones addictive issues and behaviors. Thus uncovering the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that lead to the addictions in the first place. In addition to trained counselors and assistants, we currently host meeting space for AA, NA, and EA. Click through the programs offered either through Life Recovery, or at the Life Recovery Center at The Doorway to Recovery!

If you have questions about Life Recovery Groups, meeting times, meeting days, or leadership information please call The Doorway to Recovery Offices at any time at (248) 987-2696 or email If you are an experienced individual with recovery experience and are looking to donate your time to help others, please call us! We are always looking to help spread the joys and hope of recovery with others suffering.  Life Recovery; it’s about the hurts, habits, and hang-ups!

Alcoholics Anonymous


Narcotics Anonymous Step Workshop


Spiritual Meetings

Outside Activities